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Coco's Domain

Cybernetic. Observation. and Communication. Organism

15 October 1988

This is coconabanana
Call me Coco
Call me Nana
But please, no Banana

Currently trolling Tumblr all the time.
Because that's the only place I can fangirl over Brian/Justin without looking like a forlorn and lonely fool.

Currently being a hermit lurker. Still trying to update. Trying being the operative word.
You can reach me any time though. :D

Female || 23 || 100% Chinese born Indonesian
pâtissière in the making and at the same time, have a deep obsession to be a psychiatrist. go figure
Fangirl || Fanfic Writer/Reader || Graphic Maker || Fanmixer || Stalker || Doujinshi collector
Masochistic-writer || Sadistic-mod || Babbler || Thinker

Friend or de-friend at will

Warning: 99% of the posts are flocked because 99.99% of the time my posts are filled with
gay porn/slash/boys humping each other/whatchamacallit.

I have no shame but still I fear for the day when my rl acquaintances see this
and know it's me and then there goes my face.
You get the picture.

Unless I know you from any fandom or we meet in any friending meme,
you'll never get the access to said flocked posts.

How/where you can reach me

Current active fandoms:
Queer as Folk (US)
Axis Powers Hetalia


[Whether we see each other next week, next month... Never again...
It doesn't matter. It's only time.
Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor
Queer as Folk (US), 2000-2005.
Created by Russel T. Davies. Adapted to US version by Daniel Lipman and Ron Cowen. © Showtime.

[The Special Relationship]
Axis Powers Hetalia, 2003-. © Hidekazu Himaruya.
Art from: Bliss

[You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.]
Inception, 2010. Created by Christopher Nolan. © Warner Bros Pictures

[I'm not complaining. How am I complaining? When have do I ever complain about you practicing the violin at three in the morning,
or your mess, your general lack of hygiene, or the fact that you steal my clothes?
Dr.John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes, 2009. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Guy Ritchie. © Warner Bros Pictures


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